Talks and Reflections by Brian Boobbyer

Talks & Reflections

Dawn Chorus
Cricket - My first Love
The Romance of Sport
Encounter in Paris
How to Start and Stay New
Paul, Athlete of God
'And Such were Some of You'
The Past can be Faced and Finished
St Columba
The Second Touch
Always Something to Discover
Friendship at Many Levels
The Mark of Greatness
Chapter of Chapters
St Augustine of Hippo
Desert Island Books
The Cross
Charm Needs a Cross
Bunny Austin
The Loneliness of Leadership
Peter Howard
Marriage is Sacred - Singleness Too
The Devil Seems Reasonable
Wonder of the Night Sky
The Art of Encouragement
The Challenge of Father Gratry
Education - A Vision of Greatness
St Francis
'All Have Glaring Faults'
'Speaking for Themselves' - The Churchills
Laying Foundations - Pope John Paul II
Christ in Shakespeare
God's Promises from Isaiah
Kirstie Morrison
Never Too Old
Fly High and Stand Alone
There is a River
'The Letter Kills, the Spirit Gives Life'
Appendix - from Rugby World

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